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Valerus is a privately-owned investment company based in Belgium with a worldwide scope. Our family-owned group was created with the aim to build a diverse portfolio of investments, taking a longer-term view on value creation. We want to support and inspire budding entrepreneurs and ambitious managers, both thru seed-stage incubation as well as later-stage growth fertilisation.

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Investing to change the world for the better

About Us


Having been founded in 2003 by Sean P. McCullough, a serial entrepreneur and avid angel investor, Valerus has a long and rich history as advisor, partner and investor.  Our team has enjoyed more than 15 years investing in a vast array of companies covering nearly all sectors, stages and geographies.


Our vision for Valerus is to further expand its portfolio of participations to create a vast and diversified holding group that will continue to enjoy the success of our investments, partnerships and charities for many generations to come.  We aspire to build a group of financially strong companies that can become leaders in their respective fields, where the people are genuinely happy to work, and where we contribute positively to our communities.


Our main activities are focused around investments, advisory services, business development and philanthropy. As we are a private family holding, we are not bound by strict mandates or rules, however, we do give priority to opportunities that lay near our passions and fields of experience where we know we can add value.  Our portfolio gives some indication as to our interests, but beyond this, and for the right opportunity, we are willing to consider venturing into new areas.


The Valerus team is a diverse group of experienced professionals lead by its founder, Sean McCullough and his partner, Jing Wang.  Given our diverse backgrounds, we have business interests in a broad range of sectors, extending from Belgium into broader Europe, the Americas and Asia.



Founder & Managing Director

During his career Sean has created, developed and advised countless startup, early-stage, and mature ventures. Sean has experience in more than a dozen major industries in a multitude of countries and has a long history of taking ideas from conception to reality.  His first venture took form at the age of nineteen, when Sean started a direct order service for quick and cheap replacement contact lenses. This and other examples of Sean's ventures and experiences have formed the basis for his philosophy, and the approach with which he has founded Valerus.  Having started or taken interests in companies covering life sciences, ICT, consumer goods, financial services, manufacturing, energy and several others, and this across the globe, Sean can tap into a wide range of knowledge and a vast network of experts and potential clients to support any venture or opportunity.  As a member of YPO (, Sean is also able to access an incredible resource of expertise and commercial relations.


Managing Director

Jing is responsible for creating business bridges between our company and the Asian markets. By aiding our portfolio companies in their expansion to Asian markets, as well as bringing new opportunities from Asia to our doorstep, Jing plays an essential role in the strengthening and diversification of our group. Given her education at one of the most prestigious graduate programs for hospitality management, Les Roche in Switzerland, and experiences in management at top hotel chains, she is also responsible for developing the group’s portfolio in the hospitality sector as well as franchising models.  With her multi-cultural background, Chinese roots and education, this strong and ambitious lady brings an essential and unique perspective, complimentary set of skills, experiences and business network.


Our group currently has participations, either directly or indirectly, in more than a dozen companies covering numerous sectors all over the world. Our participations have varied widely in type, size, stage, sector, duration, geography and structure, which is to say that we are open to any opportunity that can show potential, invoke our passions and where the rewards make it worth the risks.  We utilise our experiences to help entrepreneurs and managers by providing not only capital, but also insights, perspective and an immense network in order to create and build a great company or capitalise on an amazing opportunity. For a view on both current and past participations, please click on the icons below or a sector of interest.

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We are always available to discuss interesting opportunities from passionate and knowledgeable people.  However, we receive far more proposals than possible to follow-up.  Therefore, may we kindly ask you to submit a pitch deck of no more than 10 presentation slides to our address at: and we will try to respond to you within 3 business days.  Although based near Antwerp, Belgium, we are very agile and frequently meet with potential partners all over the world.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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